IPL/DPL Hair Removal 

Dynamic Pulsed Light Facial Treatment - Rejuvenating the soul and body with technology

"Carry your scars and marks with pride and honor," We have heard people say this time and again, but sometimes these marks and scars can be emotionally crippling. Their permanency makes them more scarring for the soul and mind. What if we offer you an opportunity to remove them without laser treatment or cosmetic surgery? At Navis, we aim to provide you with a naturally radiant and glowing look without the help of chemical agents and artificial enhancers.  

IPL Threading, hence, is a great and skin-friendly method and it’s contemplated a nicer hair removal procedure for very sensitive skin, like the skin around your eyes. From eyebrows, upper lip, chin/lower lip, sideburns to forehead, nose, cheeks, ears, we propose the best services in town. 

Dynamic Pulse Light Treatment - Changing beauty regime for better

Intense Pulse Light and Laser Light are combined to create low frequency, high density pulses. This pulse helps in stimulating the skin to promote the collagen regeneration underneath, thus helping in naturally enhancing the skin tone.
Small scars, like melasma, can be easily treated with DPL as it is a non-invasive procedure. The additional benefit of DPL is that it helps in improving the hydration of the skin while reducing open pores.  

Wondering why you should choose IPL/DPL/SHR over Laser Therapy?

DPL implements the Dynamic Toning Technology which is far safer and a more effective non-invasive treatment choice for skin tone improvement naturally. DPL is considered a better alternative to Cosmetic procedures because it:
  • Promotes cell renewal, collagen and elastin production which helps in brightening and even toning of the skin.
  • Reduces pigmentations and acne scars
  • Hydrates the skin and balances the moisture requirement.
  • Rejuvenates the skin with increased cellular regeneration.
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
Navis has a dedicated team of beauty experts who exclusively handles DPL Treatment. If you truly wish to improve your skin naturally without worrying about chemical or invasive procedures, DPL is definitely worth your time.


Pre and Post Care 

It is important to note that DPL treatment requires pre and post treatment care to enhance its effectiveness.


  •  It is best to not use any chemical procedures like bleaching or dermabrasion for 7 to 10 days before the procedure.
  • Shaving and waxing should not be done for 10 days before the procedure to allow a limited growth for better detection during DPL.


  • Ensure to avoid humidity and sunlight for 72 hrs after the procedure
  • No chemical cream or agent application for 1 week
  • Start applying Hydrating cream application once a day after 24 hrs of the procedure
DPL is a permanent hair removal technique that does not require any use of tweezing, shaving or waxing ever again. At Navis, we have the latest DPL technology along with certified beauticians to assist in successful completion of the procedure. It is a new age technology that is slowly garnering massive following because of how safe and effective DPL is.

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