Ear Handling  


Are you bothered by the amount of ear wax in your ear? Excessive earwax can result in pain in the ear and decrease your hearing ability and other syndromes. Navis offers ear candling as a relaxing treatment to help clear out the earwax and dirt. Our trained staff will provide a comfortable and safe experience for you so that you will be both feel relaxed and rejuvenated as your aesthetic goals are realized.


What is ear candling?

 Ear candling removes ear wax and dirt by inserting a hollow shape candle into the ear. The candle itself has a muslin cloth covered in beeswax. The ear candling process works by warming the air within the candle. Air, along with paraffin, soy, or beeswax vapor, enters the ear and clears the ear wax.


How does ear candling work?

The ear candling process begins with the insertion of the hollow beeswax candle into the ear. Smoke from the candle will slowly enter into the ear. Over time, the fire will gradually need more oxygen to remain lit cause some ear wax and dirt draw through the candle, bit by bit. As the ear wax becomes dry from smoke, it will leave the ear in small spherical forms.

Benefits of Ear candling:

Ear candling helps the body naturally eliminate the dirt accumulated in the ear that leads to pain in the ear and chronic inflammation. The gentle heat provided by the candle itself is great for soothing minor ear ailments like sinus pressure as ear candling can help to relieve headaches and migraines.