Navis Herbal oil hair treatment Service 

Hair grooming is necessary for oneself. It is good to spend some time on hair care to ensure that one has good and healthy hair. People face multiple problems like hair fall, dandruff, prematurely grey hair. It is time to stop worrying and take action. The best solution for these kinds of problems is Navis herbal oil treatment. Our herbal oil is a traditional method for healthy and shiny hair. The ingredients are purely natural-based rosemary,bhringraj, jatamansi, amla, hibiscus, and almond help to promote healthy hair growth and deep nourishment.

Homebase herbal oil

Herbal hair oils are natural oil products with essential properties to treat hair problems like thinning hair and dry or flaky scalp. It promotes hair growth circulation of blood in the scalp and prevents dandruff.

Benefits of herbal oil hair treatment

Oil massage plays a vital role in hair care. The massage has an uplifting effect on the mind. It benefits the body by bringing about metabolic and chemical changes and promoting healing and general well-being. Curry leaves and coconut oil helps to strengthen your hair and enhances elasticity. Amla hair oil improves damaged hair, and prevents early greying and hair fall. It also helps to stimulate hair growth, cools the scalp, and makes your hair darker and shinier. Hibiscus is loaded with vitamin A and C minerals that help to promote hair growth, improve volume and make your hair silky. Onion hair oil has high sulfur content which helps in treating a multitude of hair problems and baldness. It is also an effective anti-bacterial and helps combat scalp infections. Aloe vera has the benefits to help reduce hair fall, dandruff, and dry scalp and adds the pH balance of your scalp and hair. A good old hair massage can help relieve your mind and lower your stress levels. As the massaging method stimulates blood circulation in the scalp, it will help you feel calm and relaxed.

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