Bushy eyebrows is one of the most common hassles every woman has for face once they hit puberty. Unwanted hair can be bothersome, but the idea of getting threading done can also be pretty daunting.

What is Threading?

Threading is the ancient art of beauty that originated in India and is one of the most practiced facial hair removal methods globally. Doing it at home can be bothersome, especially if it is self-done. Why not get it done by skilled professionals? At Navis, we take special care of every client and offer painless and quick hair removal on the eyebrows that are flawlessly shaped.

Why do you need threading?

A well-shaped eyebrow can change the outlook of any face. It is one of those little things where alterations can make a difference. Threading is the most convenient way to shape the eyebrows according to one's wish. Some of the most desired Eyebrow shapes that Threading can help acquire are High Arch Rounded Short and Thick Tapered S-Shaped Straight In addition to promoting good growth, it is a far safer choice than trying waxing or shaving on one of the most delicate areas of the face. We use cotton and organic threads made from 109% cotton to maintain hygiene. The yarn used is natural and allergen-free, so you never need to worry about toxic reactions or infections. Threading is safe on the skin because no chemical agent is used in the process, nor are there any chemical additives in the thread.


Why is Threading better than tweezing, waxing, or razor?

Using tweezers is rather painful and requires patience and time. Tweezing can't remove all the fine hair, and you will not get the defined shape. In the case of waxing, the shapes are never accurate, and it is risky unless a missing chunk of the eyebrows does not bother you. Wax application on the undereye areas will pull the skin. As a result, the skin will slowly loosen, and wrinkles will appear in no time. If you believe that eyebrow shaving seems least bothersome and painless, you are in for a surprise especially when the hair begins to regrow. It will be thicker and toughened and far more erratic in its growth than before. Threading is a far more suitable option because none of these issues crop up. Rather than painfully extracting each hair follicle, you delicately pull out one section at a time. Threading helps in giving a far more defined shape to the eyebrows. The eyebrow shape can be easily modified based on the facial profile and bone structure for a more well-structured, natural, and cleaner look. Less time and lesser pain is, of course, a far better choice too.