“Shave everyday yet have the prickly hair back in no time or choose to wax it all and live with satin smooth skin for a month, the choice is yours to make.”
The satin smooth finish with the glossy shine that we all see on television and movies aren't always just about cosmetics. It is very real and thankfully free of any chemical aberration. Waxing is another beauty technique adapted from the ancient kingdom of India. So, you may wonder what is waxing? A simple natural blend of honey, sugar and lime is used to pluck unwanted hair follicles right from its root level. What makes this process extra special are the added benefits it contributes towards.
Waxing - The wiser choice for a brighter, smoother and softer skin that lasts longer. If you are someone who loves to flaunt your stunning legs and arms, you know what's the biggest roadblock you have to face every other day. It's the hair strewn all over your arms and legs. With waxing everything is supple , clear and glossy for almost 4 weeks. What makes waxing extra special is that it naturally exfoliates and de-tans the skin giving it the smoother and polished look at no extra cost.From Chocolate to honey to roll-on wax, there are many variants of organic and natural wax forms to choose from. Navis has a team of certified beauticians who are experts in the process of waxing. They are quick and efficient thus reducing the pain to bare minimal or rather unnoticeable in most cases. Just remember the pre and post waxing care is important if you truly wish to reap its complete benefit.

Pre-wax care

Remember to not use any oil based product on the skin on the day of the scheduled waxing session. Oil and moisturizer prevents wax from efficiently removing the hair from its follicle. This also includes deodorizers. In case, you have been shaving previously, at least wait for one month before opting for waxing.

After-waxing care

The aftercare for waxing is soothing and convenient at the same time. Just apply a toner and moisturizer, and you are done. No worrying about prickly sensation a few days later nor about ingrowths. Just plain soft and smooth skin for the next month.

Why opt for waxing instead of shaving or threading?

Yes, shaving is painless, but it's a temporary solution. Within days the hairs are back, and the number of ingrowths will also increase. Moreover, the new hair growth is way thicker than before. Similarly, threading a smaller area is fine but doing it on legs and hands is tiresome and painful, especially if you have thicker hair growth. Waxing has numerous benefits over shaving and threading. It exfoliates and removes tan from the skin Gives a brighter, smoother, and shinier texture to the skin Prevents repetitive ingrowth of hair Reduces hair growth density It is effective for 4 to 6 weeks Do you still need a reason to choose waxing? Walk in at any of the Navis outlets in Singapore and let us know your requirements.. Trust us, you will understand why waxing is such a hassle-free solution compared to its contemporaries.