Hygiene down-under is now a reality with Brazilian Waxing  

What is Brazilian Waxing?
A carefully curated exclusive solution to Pubic Hair Removal

Unlike the other waxing potions, Brazilian wax is far more malleable and softer, which makes it perfect for use in the sensitive areas of the body, specifically the pubic zone. You can choose to go full clean or give the pubic area hair a nice defined shape like bikini line or crown full monty.

You will be surprised to know that there are numerous beauty treatments for the pubic area. At Navis, we have a wide range of Brazilian waxing types to choose from, such as the special anti-aging mask, the tightening masks and the whitening masks. We also use milk wax for Brazilian waxing as it is much gentler on the skin, therefore the pain as well as the strain on the areas are greatly reduced.

Brazilian wax service at Navis is medically approved and safe to use on anybody regardless of their health conditions. At Navis we have a team of beauticians who are specially trained and certified to administer Brazilian waxing. They are well versed and extremely efficient in Brazilian waxing technique.

As the human genitalia is far more sensitive, the unique wax blend removes the hair from the follicular level without causing any epidermal injury. In comparison to the prickly sensation left behind with shaving and hair removal cream, the area remains hair free, soft and smooth for over 4 weeks.

As we know, Singapore is humid and hot all year round, therefore keeping the pubic area free from itching and infection is easier if it is hair-free. Step into one of Navis outlets and experience what it feels like to have a clean down under. You will never know what you are missing if you don’t try.

Brazilian wax is for any one and it is also the perfect solution for sports personalities and models who often wear short and tight clothing while going about with their tasks. Brazilian wax also leaves a soft and supple skin minus any hair which makes movement in any outfit far more comfortable.

Brazilian Waxing Pre and Post Care

There are a few points we at Navis always tell our clients to follow before and after the procedure. Pre - Care Do not use trimmer, tweezers or scissors before waxing. Slight trimming of the hair for effective waxing is advised in case of thick growth. One-fourth of an inch long is the most optimal hair length. Avoid using oil based or moisturizer on the skin pre-waxing and keep the area dry and clean. Do not exfoliate the skin for 72 hrs before the procedure Avoid scheduling a waxing appointment done during or before menses. Post - Care Use a hydrating cream on the area post waxing. Post waxing, avoid using hot water or going out to swim for a day or two, especially in beaches and pools. Wear loose fitted cotton or organic fabric cloth for a few days post the procedure. Avoid gym visits for 24 hrs post waxing to avoid sweat and friction caused skin irritation. Use an ice compress pack in the area to close the pores and prevent infections or breakouts. Visit Navis and give Brazilian Waxing a try. You will not know it’s benefit unless you give it a try.