With the continued pollution and stress of everyday life, indulging in some “me” time is essential if you truly want to recharge your mind and body. The best way to start the process of rejuvenation is Facial.

Navis has a line of high-end and exclusive brands of facial treatments that not only revitalizes the skin but also helps in nourishing and hydrating it for a long-lasting effect.

Navis Facial - A carefully curated range of choice for Facial Treatment

Unsure which facial would suit you the most? Our team of experts will help you choose from by analysing your skin-type. From dermabrasion facial therapy to herbal facial massage, the choices are many. Based on your requirement and skin type, the best facial treatment will be recommended for you.

The products used by Navis are brands from careful selection of high-end products that are formulated with clinically proven ingredients of high benefits and quality assurance. The innovative blends of these brands are known for providing excellent results for a wide array of skin issues without any negative after-effects.

At Navis, every facial treatment is a beautiful fusion of technology and hands-on expertise. Fingertips are used for optimum pressure on the face, hydrating machine, cool hammer tapping are implemented in the process to help in faster and deeper skin penetration so that it reached the skin cells underneath.

Hot and cold steaming is used to increase the after effect of the facial treatment to give an instantaneous glow to the skin.

Why facial?

A long lasting and effective solution for glowing skin.

Once the facial treatment of choice is finalized, Navis team of skilled facial experts will help you in de-tanning, cleaning, scrubbing, and hydrating your skin while you de-stress and enjoy your time. The massage used during the facial therapy alone helps improve the blood circulation that has a long-term benefit on the skin.

Our customised facial solutions are catered to clientele who require special attention to specific issues and problems. We have a team of highly skilled professional beauticians who use techniques such as hydromassage and pressure shiatsu to help in providing better benefits even from the simplest of facial massages.