Hair cuts and color and style

Haircuts can help to keep your hair healthy by removing damaged or split ends. If you do not get a regular haircut to cut off your split ends, your hair will not grow healthily. Our experts are well skilled in creating looks that not only define your face but also compliments it as well. At Navis, you can trust our hairstylists to give you the latest hairstyles while keeping in mind your preferences. The hairstyling also come with a relaxing hair wash and conditioning, which will help to give your hair a natural shine.  


When getting a hairstyle to enhance one’s personality and beauty, most people tend to focus on their hair and the hairstyle. They sometimes fail to realize that they are missing out on the opportunity to bring out their beauty and personality when they neglect to take into consideration their face and physique. At Navis, our hairstylist will give their professional advice in selecting the best hairstyle suited for you.  

Hair coloring

Hair coloring is one simple way to reinvent your look. At Navis, our hair coloring services includes global coloring, streaking, root touch up, block coloring, and creative coloring. Our hair experts can transform you with just a few streaks of our hair coloring methods. We will help you keep your hair looking flawless before they get out of control. Reinvent yourself by experimenting with hair colours at Navis.


Keratin treatment

Our salon delivers silky soft, smooth hair with a keratin treatment. It works well with all hair types and textures. The world of hair smoothing treatments just got a little more fabulous with the power of hair healthy protein for radiantly frizz-free beauty. At Navis, we use safe keratin formula that works effectively on all hair types and textures. Keratin treatment penetrates the hair shafts and seals the cortex. It can repair years of damage from colouring, chemical processing, and everyday wear and tear.


Straightening can transform even the tightest curls into silky straight hair. Our hairstylists will ensure you get a damage-free hair straightening treatment to keep your hair curls-free.



Highlights are one of the biggest trends in hair color. It will give your hair the depth & dimension that you are looking. At Navis, take utmost care while choosing the most suitable colour for your hair. We will recommend colour that will suit your complexion and face shape.

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